1. Tapiwanashe

    It is both mental and phsaicyl. Aikido was designed by it’s creator morihei Uyeshiba as the way of non resistance or ar he often described it the art of peace. This applies both to the phsaicyl excercises as to the mental state of mind. As a beginner you start of course from the phsaicyl point of view but as you progress you inevitably pick up the state of mind that goes with training in aikido. The entire intention of aikido is not to harm or hurt the opponent but to absorb him and send him on his way without harm. The supreme truth in Aikido should be to be able to convince an opponent of the futility of a fight through your state of mind alone. this is not just applicable in fights but throughout every stressful or bad situation in your life. either step out of its way and let it pass or absorb it and send it back where it came from. It’s helped me through whole lot of stuff in my life and these lessons will benefit me and others throughout their entire life.

    1. Hannibal

      In fact , I’ve attended some Aikido classes myself .. It’s a great system

      Thank you


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