Friday , 9 October 2015

Self Defense Laws – Figure Them All Out

Hello everyone, welcome to Well, it's summer time … vacations, beach, hangouts, trips, nights and much more. We're going to enjoy the summer as much as we can, but , … what if something went wrong ? What if you're doing your common stuff and suddenly that punk shows off? What if the only way to save the day is by a fight? Do you even know how to fight? And if you know >>> can you stay away of jail? First of all >> you should know that self defense is not a mystery today ... you can attend as much self defense classes as you can, you can search the web for some fre ...

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Upper Body Workout Plan – Get Toned

Hello everybody, it's me again; Hannibal. Welcome to where you can find the coolest and newest fitness tips that surly will push you forward. In today's article, I will address our lovely ladies for most of the topic. As usual in the body fitness field, most of the speech is addressed to men. Today I'm going to concentrate on giving the right fitness tips to dear ladies "it doesn't mean that guys should walk away, no, this article can represent a gift to your girlfriend or to your wife, just give it a shoot" Dear ladies, All of you, of course, want to get a very well toned body; ...

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Women Workout Routines – Very Effective

Hello there, it has been proved that a women workout routines are the most effective ways to keep body fitness, more than any traditional diet that a person could go through, however; it still tricky to know what exercises would be suitable to the nature of one's body, what fitness tips one should follow, and what best workout program that she should go through after all. To be clear, you don't have to be a gym rat and you don't have to kill yourself exercising. A study revealed that a moderate exercise is all what you need to change your life for the better. When your breath goes a little hea ...

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Krav Maga – Revealing The Mask (Part Two)

The history of this unique system goes back to its founder, the  Hungarian (Ime Lichtenfeld) who was born in 1910. He was practicing a wide range of sports, including Boxing, wrestling, and gymnastics ... and he won many championships in each field. Lichtenfeld was also a street fighter who leaded a group of fighters to protect the Jewish neighborhoods from the anti-Semitic thugs. Through his journey, Lichtenfeld discovered that street fighting widely differs from competition fighting because of the brutal nature of streets, so he began to develop his concepts about reality fighting using all ...

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