Tuesday , 26 May 2015

Krav Maga – Revealing The Mask (Part One)

Not surprisingly that this vicious self defense system comes to us from one of the hottest spots on planet Earth ,Israel, where there are lots and lots of hostilities and fights which occur every day. Krav maga was first developed for the (IDF) Israeli defense forces and then turned to be one of the Most Effective martial arts in today's world because of its philosophy which concentrates on eliminating the danger once and for ever, it's about being protected all the way with applying as much damage as possible to your attacker using some simple, but effective, defensive and offensive maneuvers ...

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How To Defend Yourself – Very Simple Ways

The seek for self defense and staying protected never ends, some people might attend some self defense classes to have an appropriate self defense training, and some people may carry self defense weapons or even some kind of a knife or maybe a gun. The thing is; nobody likes to be attacked or violated, within this article you will find some simple tricks that will show you how to defend yourself easily. At first let me advise you with that, take the first chance to escape an attack without engaging in the fight if possible. And know for sure that with some little self defense training  You wil ...

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World’s Most Effective Martial Art

Many of you who are interested in self defense martial arts must have asked that question which is; what is the world's Most Effective Martial Art? To answer this question; at first, you need to know about many martial arts, attend many self defense classes, use multiple self defense weapons and then you come to decide which is the Most Effective Martial Art that works for you. Lucky for you; I've done all of these activities for a very long time. As a matter of fact, I can say that I'm a quiet experienced fighter, and I can surly say that there is no supreme art ,,, don't panic and let's know ...

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Keysi Fighting Method – Fight Like Batman

Who doesn't like Bat man and the style he fights with? Do you know about the techniques? Do you want to fight like him? Well … as a matter of fact, you can fight like Batman but only if you used his unique style which is called Keysi fighting method. This self defense style was born in Spain in and developed in 1980's by Justo Dieguez Serrano and  Andy Norman out of their fighting experience in the European streets at that time. Keysi fighting method is known for its close distance technical fighting and the use of double arm over the head, which is known as the thinker or ''El  Pensador''. Yo ...

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